Kowtowing to the County

It had to happen – things were going too well with the County and we had to have a setback. That said, it’s not all that bad, and totally managable.
Yesterday, Jean met (in the rain) with our Site Control Coordinator (or similar name) and took on the County. Despite pleading and some tears, we still have to abide by what our plan details. We have to put up the Super Silt Fence.
But not all of it! Jean, the diplomatic superstar that she is, managed not only to avoid a fine, but to make a compromise on how much we have to put up!
Only around the drainfield, essentially replacing the stuff we put up last weekend. The remainder of the perimeter need only be that orange erosion fence you might sometimes see at construction sites, which comes pre-attached to stakes in rolls from home depot.
I’m hoping the ground is soft enough to pound those posts in this time…

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  1. Ed/Jean,
    Are you all still posting pictures of the site as it progresses, or what? Hook it up! I like to “SEE” how its going and im sure im not the only one. If i am, just ignore this mess. Hope all is well.

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