Princess Power to the Rescue

No, we’re not getting weird here at Hearthwood (ok, so we’ve always been weird, sue us), but Jean (and Lucas), Krissy and Mavora came out to help this past Saturday, so it was definitely Princess Power.
The weather was an incredible 70+ degrees and AWESOME!
Saturday I made waffles for the ladies and then went out to enjoy the weather at Hearthwood. Chris and Michelle needed to borrow the truck, so the insight suited me for the day…

I hauled the lower portion of the shower/tub unit from the basement up to the first floor, so I could accurately build the necessary partition walls around it for the plumbing. An hour or so later I had the partition up with the holes for the plumbing drilled and the whole thing in place.

I continued to nail up outlet and data jack boxes until the crew arrived with lunch (Wendy’s again-how can I resist?). We put Lucas in his pack-n-play and chowed down while Jean showed Mavora the house.

Afterwards, all three of us hauled the jacuzzi tub up to the master bath and put it in place, lining it up with the window.
While Jean and I measured and cut wall pieces, Mavora took Lucas for a walk around Hearthwood. He came back fast asleep.
Jean and I began assembling the walls and Krissy arrived on scene. She and Mavora continued to nail up receptacle boxes while I finished up the tub and Jean fed Lucas.
It was a good day.
Sunday I began drilling 3/4″ holes in the studs and framing members for our wiring. My dad showed up, just after arriving from Hawaii (Thanks to Jean for taxi service) and graded some more earth around the front of the house.
I had to leave early on account of two dogs someone left at Hearthwood. It’s not like they were lost. They had no tags, and there was a pile of dog food on the ground beside them. Jean took them to FOHA (Friends of Homeless Animals), a place with a no-kill policy. I can’t believe people sometimes.
This next weekend, we’ll be continuing to drill out stud work and begin running wires for our circuits! Kathy’s friend, Steve Schneider, who is an electrician by hobby, will be giving his two cents on the matter at my request, and Chritophe Mauron will be in town from Switzerland!!! This looks to be a good time.
We’d love to have a few people out to do odd jobs if possible. Looking foward to seeing you there!
(pix will be up soon-we’re getting film developed this week)