Spring’s a comin’

This past weekend my dad was an enormous help!
Saturday we trundled off to Home Depot and spend a couple hundred bucks on receptacle and fixture boxes, Romex wire, and wire staples. Then we spent the remainder of the afternoon nailing down boxes every 12 feet and no more than six feet from any door. Fun:)
Sunday, he and Noah helped out putting up siding, accomplishing almost another full height wall!
This upcoming weekend, we’ll be constructing the framing walls around the tubs and showers. That means we’ll need some strong arms to get the jacuzzi tub from the basement up to the master bath! Come on out and help us finish this piece up so we can get our bathroom done!
Also, we’ll be drilling holes for electrical wire in the stud walls. A fun time to be had by all:) See you there.

This is especially funny. Saturday morning, Justin and I drove our truck over to Marilyn McKinney’s in Arlington. She is giving us a sleeper sofa AND a T.V. We’re very grateful for this great guest-bed opportunity.
We loaded the couch into the truck, strapped it and it’s cushions down securely with bungies on top, and also laid the T.V., VCR and media cabinet on top of those.
We accelerated onto the entrace ramp for 395 South and promptly left the whole lot on the ramp!
A very quick reverse put us within ample distance of the mess, amazingly unbroken and the TV and media cabinet still on the couch. After we’d scrambled to get it on and REALLY strapped it down this time, we were off to Nicholas Chimney to pick up some chimney pieces.

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  1. What is especially funny is that Justin made no mention of the “mess” experience when he told me (in great detail of course) about the morning. : )

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