This Weekend

Turns out that one can’t get a framing inspection until ALL services are in: plumbing, gas, electric, ducts, etc, as one of these might need to cut a hole in a weight-bearing stud and will have to be reinforced, requiring more framing work etc.
SO, we haven’t had our framing inspection yet and will be pushing ahead with electric IF our plumber is done and we won’t get in his way. Of course, I haven’t had time to lay out the circuits yet, so can’t begin drilling holes in my studs, willy nilly.
We’ll probably do some siding on Saturday and perhaps begin nailing down receptacle boxes to the studs on Sunday.
Oh! And Saturday we’re going to pick up a sofa couch (from our dear friend Marilyn M.) in the morning, so if you’re coming out, we won’t be there until noonish…call ahead to the Phillipsons if you’re not sure. My cell doesn’t work so well out there…