More Siding, Framing

With the good weather this past weekend, we proceeded with some more Hardi Plank? siding on the north side of the house.
Paul Haase came out on Saturday, and with my dad’s help we got one more short wall completely done and part of a full height wall. That puts us at about 25% done, what with four more full height walls to do, with their soffet and trim work, three more short walls, and the dormer faces.
It was great to have Paul out – we bonded on all things manly and construction-like.

Sunday I made the journey alone, but still managed to be quite productive.
In the middle of that, Jean and Krissy stopped by with Wendy’s. I really love Wendy’s on the weekends. I’ve got to keep the activity up just to break even here. Lucas was with them as well, and he was quite curious about the whole thing.
After that, I framed in the divider wall between the laundry closet and what would have been our furnace closet, but we’ll now use for a spare storage closet. Our furnace is going in the basement.
THEN I screwed in the last lag bolts securing the dome to it’s base (7), made sure ALL the connector bolts within reach were tight, nailed down some studs and walls where it was needed, and swept out the whole place. Oh, and sawed out a doorway plate in the basement. Whew!
This past week our heating and AC guys (Simpson) finished up as far as they could until we wire the house.
Our plumber (Hooks) began work in ernest, running nearly all our supply and waste pipes. Pretty soon we’ll have to put in the cabinets so we can install the sinks and appliances!
This next week I’ll be working out the circuit layouts in my sleep (Snore…mmph…No, 20 ammps…Oh no, all our wiring is made of licorice…ZZzzz) and figuring out how much wiring and what type we need. I remember a good bit from building my parents’ house, but those PBS videos and Home Depot books certainly do come in handy.
We’re hoping to get our framing inspection done as well. I’m not sure we’re all ready on that, but if we fail, at least they’ll tell us why. They’ve been good about that so far.
If the good weather holds, we’ll most likely be doing siding again if you want to come out. If it’s cold or raining, we’ll be inside (hopefully) drilling holes for running electric or framing around duct work and doing knee walls in our bedroom and bath. See you then – we can always use another hand!