The Devil is in the Details

We’re ALMOST done with framing. I predict with one more full weekend of work, we can get a framing inspection and move on to either the wood stove installation or electrical work ASAP.
This past weekend, our good friend Paul Haase brought out his Dewalt set of 18volt tools (very cool) to help Bob and myself continue working on rough framing details (an oxymoron in itself).
Saturday, we carried the load of the upper floors down to the basement properly, shoring up our studs in particular places, and also framed out the coat closet.

Jean was a real trooper that day, toting Lucas to Nicholas Chimney while the fellow explained the intricacies of installing chimney pipe and a stove. She then loaded up most of the materials, stuffing Kathy’s Subaru to the gills and slopping through the muck that is now our site. She must have caked a few pounds of mud on each shoe!
On Sunday, we COMPLETELY FINISHED putting up the “two-by” material to lap the plywood seams on the first floor and basement. Bob cut over a hundred short pieces of wood to fit the areas between the studs…6 5/8, 13, 14 1/4, 9 1/2, 11, 12 3/4, etc. Mind numbing.
I raced around the basement, glueing where necessary, popping nails in to secure them with the nail gun, my pneumatic hose getting tangled in our disarray behind me. Low on gas in the generator, I just barely managed to make it.
Now all is left to do is nail them from the outside: 2 rows in the basement and 2 on the first floor around the entire circumference of the dome. Ugh.
To finish the day, we completely cleaned the house again. It’s amazing how much dust and mud can fill the place up in just a week or two.
Speaking of generator, you may remember we were supposed to have temp electric by now. No such luck. NOVEC promises to be out “sometime this week” so hopefully we’ll have power by this next weekend.
Simpson is almost done with our HVAC, and our plumber can probably begin work soon after.
This next weekend we’ll be finishing on the framing details for our inspection. Hope to see you there!