Every Day Counts

This past week we got A LOT accomplished. I took off work last week to relax, work on the house, and spend time with Jean and Lucas.
During the week, I spent some time on the one-man jobs that needed to get done.
Unfortunately, due to weather, it was pretty difficult to get our sub-coworkers out on site, but we did get Simpson Heating & AC as well as Ground Water to Hearthwood on Thursday.

NOVEC never made it out to hook up the temp line, but we did finally hear from them on Friday. Apparently we needed to have the trench backfilled before they could actually run the electric line. Hmph. We wouldn’t have sat on our hands all week waiting for them if we’d known about that!
Wednesday I worked some on the subfloor. It was like piecing together a jig-saw puzzle:
Justin helped on Thursday, taking a job-search break to help out a friend. We managed to get part of a bathroom and closet wall up and a few other things as well.
Friday I only got out for a few hours, but did manage to piece together the hearth stones that Robert pulled from the creek and that Jean put together to make a good surface. I added some shale pieces from our septic tank dig as well. It should take about two days to build it.

The only tough part would be leveling the stones so that the stove would sit properly. I built a small rig of wood sized exactly the same as the stove’s footprint.
Friday evening, Jean and I took a trip to Woodburner’s Two to pick up our heat shield for our first floor stove, as well as a couple of surface thermometers for both. We decided that though it would be nice to make our own hearth, these folks had a much faster solution that looked just as good, if not better:

On Saturday my dad came out to help and was a big help. We first tackled the doubler material in the doubler joists:

We pulled off the rim board to fill in the gaps, then nailed the board back on.
We then worked on a couple odd walls- the ones that meet the ceiling:
On Sunday, Josh, Bob and my Dad came out to help. Dad took one for the team by backfilling the trench in sub-zero weather on the tractor. He was also a GREAT help later working with walls and other stuff.
Josh and Bob helped out by working with plywood seam lapping:
Later, while they worked on more odd framing,
I put in the last risers in the second floor staircase:

Dad’s on my big list this week. He was an incredible help:)