electric, stair fixin’, what-not

This past weekend we got a lot done at Hearthwood. On Saturday, I spent the morning tallying the remaining tasks for framing the dome. Observe:
– [ ] First Floor
– [ ] Redo Stairs
– [ ] Put up 3 joist hangers (need palm nailer)
– [ ] Complete screwing in lags (5?) and tighten all.
– [ ] Tighten all wall and triangle bolts
– [ ] Insert filler in doublers
– [ ] Fire blocking
– [ ] Wall plate (top) reinforcement
– [ ] Second floor subfloor blocking where plywood meets shell with no support.
– [ ] Plywood seam lapping
– [ ] Frame out coat closet
– [ ] Loft
– [ ] Finish subfloor (4 hours)
– [ ] Safe floor hinge in plywood (get from Home depot)
– [ ] frame bathroom wall
– [ ] frame closet wall
– [ ] frame odd walls
– [ ] Basement
– [ ] Plywood seam-lapping (same as first floor)
– [ ] Wall Plate reinforcement (same as first floor)
– [ ] Carry load down from first floor beams.

I spent the afternoon sweeping out the house, cleaning up scrap lumber, and I even got to take a walk around Hearthwood. It takes around 3 hours to sweep the house. We definitely need a better broom:) And a toilet seat warmer for the don’s john. That’s one cold seat!
On Sunday, Bob and I fixed the stairs. As it was, we had about 6 feet, 5 inches of clearance at the bottom, as a result of our adding in a joist length to better support the stringers (just go with the lingo here people).
To say it was cold that day would be a major understatement. Even after serveral hours running the kerosene heater, the place was maybe 3 degrees warmer.
We added some joist lengths at the top of the stairs, pushing the whole rig about 7 1/4″, obviating the need for that lower joist length. Ta da! Only took 4 hours and a lunch break:)
By that time, daylight was beginning to wane, but we had enough time to put the three remaining joist hangers up (gotta love that palm nailer), and begin lapping the plywood seams on the shell of the dome.
This week I’m taking off from work and will be out on site from Wednesday on through the weekend to play catch-up. We got about 5 inches of snow last night, so enjoy the winter weather folks!
This week should bring our temporary electric; last Friday both NOVEC and Fairfax County gave their sign-off on the hookup. All NOVEC needs to do now is run the wire in the conduit and we’re live!!! Woo Hoo! So come on out this weekend to a FULLY ELECTRIFIED DOME. No more generator!!!

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  1. Ed,
    Happy B-Day. Sounds like things are going good. Im going to make it out there one day this weekend. About the toilet seat. I can see it now…… (Ed thinks to himself) Ah….. Damn, Its cold in here…… you know, I could really use a seat cover on this toilet seat, my cheeks are freezing.
    Hope all is well. Peace man.

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