HVAC and Electric

My office gave me the morning off to help Jean with laying rock dust in the electrical trench this morning. Let me tell you that when one says “dust”, sweeping light dust comes to mind. This is nothing of the sort. Remember the gravel on the playground when you were in elementary school? That funny smell it gave your hands after pushing your toy truck through it during recess? That’s what we’re working with. Kind of like flour-in small quantities, not a problem, but in wheel-barrow loads, quite heavy…

We filled in the trench so the conduit rests completely on it now. Tomorrow we’ll get it inspected by NOVEC and possibly the county.
Jean also showed me all the work that Todd, our electrician, has been doing on site. You can see our meter base here:

Once inside the house, I could immediately see the difference- here we have our panel box, a 200 amp, 40 circuit one that will more than suit our needs:

And here is OUR FIRST OUTLET!!! Given it’s only a temp outlet, but it will provide us with power for our tools and chargers in about a week or so.

Ken and Co. have also been hard at work installing ducts in our basement:

and in the rest of our house, seen here in Lucas’s room:

And you can see our furnace here:

And here’s a register. I know, it’s not exciting, but stay with me here:

Later Jean and I trekked to my parents’ pond to check out the ice to see if it is thick enough to ice-skating yet. Almost