Subfloor Nearly Complete!

On Friday, Justin and Shane (yes, the famous Intihar!) came out on our oh-so-muddy Hearthwood to help put up the last of the joists and subfloor.
I got up early and went to Bull Run, picking up 10 sheets of Tongue & Groove (“T&G”) 3/4″ plywood, some rim board for our rear deck, bolts and nuts, joist hangers and stair support hangers. Then I went to home depot to get subfloor glue.
On site, Justin, Shane and myself slipped around in the mud and moved our materials up into the house.

Then we nailed up our first of three joist hangers and realized they were the wrong size-too narrow for our TJI’s, more meant for 2x material. Grr. Screw it, let’s toe-nail them up for now sans joist hangers and put the subfloor on!
We did just that, measuring our lengths, cutting them with Bob’s radial arm saw, and nailing them up into place.
Auggie from NOVEC came by to tell us about installation clearance regulations for our electric box.

By this time, we were ready for lunch and so headed back to the Phillipson’s for some of Bob’s famous turkey soup and some beer. A couple of sinus-clearing bowls later, we headed back to work on the band board.
Justin and Shane trimmed the lengths of extra joist and then nailed up our band board, steadying the joist lengths and making it look mighty nice.
Now we were ready for the subfloor! After a couple initial triangular cuts, we moved on to the long runs of 4’x8′ sheets of plywood and got through almost the entire floor!

Jean made it out to see how far we were (she had gone to Bull Run earlier to correct my joist hanger mistake and get us some 16 penny nails) and got to climb up into our room-to-be to see it.
By the end of the day, we had only a few triangular sections and one long space along the front remaining to do-more than enough time tomorrow to accomplish this.
I’m in Alexandria working today (on a Saturday-bleh), so from what I understand, Jean, Bob, Noah and some more folks are out on site today, working on siding.
I know that Ron from Rising Sun, who is doing our septic field, is also on site digging the holes for our septic tanks.

Mom started moving dirt from the pile covering that spot early this morning. I’ll be out tomorrow, so maybe I’ll see you then!