Happy New Year! Justin and my father-in-law were the first on our 2004 crew, helping to put up the beginnings of our siding on the dome.
We used the good weather to our advantage, as we can use less than pleasant days to do inside work on joists, the subfloor and other things.

The hardi-plank? we’re using is Navajo White and is a six inch board, giving us a nice 4-5 inch lap of a creamy color to contrast the green shingles. It’s not too heavy; say 10 pounds for a 12 foot section. It has a cedar mill texture, though it’s made of a concrete composite material.
We cut it into lengths with a carbide blade, creating a lot of silica dust, so we wear special filtering masks to keep us safe.
We got through one wall at basement height and a few more walls almost finished and will continue on tomorrow.
I’ll also pick up our remaining sheets of plywood and subfloor glue tomorrow.