Dome’s First Snow!

We got our first snow at Hearthwood this week. We only got about 3 inches, but it was pretty cold the whole weekend, so most of it stayed around the whole weekend. Fortunately the dome is all weathertight, so it’s all dry.
We were glad to have help from Justin – we were able to get a lot done with the extra help. He helped out a lot with arranging the drain pipe outside the house, as well as with the stairs.

Yesterday we shored up the basement stairs so they are rock solid now. Nail plates, cross braces, etc. Justin helped put in the riser panels and I followed up with finish nails to secure them.

Can’t wait to get a fire going in this little guy.

Today we finally got ALL the framing done on the first floor, including the top plates, so we’re ready for the joists.

Bob and I muscled the parallam beams up into place for the second floor. We had to make a precise 36 degree cut on each end for it to fit. The chainsaw was the perfect tool:)

Jean and I continued trenching for the drain pipe outside as well. We’ll need to buy some more pipe to get it to the abutment.
Things are coming along, slowly but surely.
Next weekend we’ll begin the joists in earnest and hopefully finish them so we can follow up with the subfloor.
We were happy to have Marsha and Bill pick up some trees this weekend – the offer still stands. Come on out and pick up a tree for your living room whenever we’re out there during the weekend.

3 Replies to “Dome’s First Snow!”

  1. Ed,
    Its looking really good. Sorry i havent been out there in a while. Ill try to make it out before christmas and give you all at least one full days worth of work (8 hours). Hows Lucas and Jean? Hope there all doing well! Any special requests for christmas? Peace and Love,

  2. We have hear so much about how Lucas has grown, but your pictures are a month old. Nice house, though.

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