We Have Stairs!

Last night Jean and I bundled up after dinner and rolled over to Hearthwood. We cranked up the generator and halogen lights (though we debated working in the moonlight, it was so bright), and finished up (or almost anyway) for our waterproofing inspection.
Our view really is incredible. Even in the half moon, the landscape was bathed in cool moonlight and the stars were very bright. Our trees block out much of the peripheral light pollution, giving us an extra-clear view of the night sky. I can’t wait until we live there:)
We had begun work on our parging, plastic cover and such on Sunday. Yesterday, in two hours, Jean finished the parging, and put the plastic up. Last night we put up the pressure-treated plywood strips that lap the seam between the plastic and tyvek. That’s to keep the house water-proof where the dirt is bermed up against it. We also had to lay the black plastic drain pipe just outside the foundation, in the trench, to drain water away from the house.

This past weekend we got a lot started! Bob and I muddled our minds over the risers and treads for our staircase between the basement and first floor, marking, drawing and redoing our lines several times before we decided to make the final cut. You’ve got to understand that these “stringers” or the boards that make up the frame of the staircase, are some 16 foot long 2×12 boards, about $40 a piece. Don’t cut it wrong.
I finally assembled the whole bit by halogen light on Sunday night. So now instead of a rickety ladder to climb, we have rickety stairs. We have a couple corrections to make, but they work for now.
We also began constructing the front porch! Very cool, as we’ll now have an entry point to the house other than the basement door. We constructed the “box”, dug the post holes, and set the posts. Then we poured the concrete and left it to dry. Jean had to take down the whole scaffolding by herself yesterday to complete the foundation parging. Not heavy stuff mind you, just very ungainly.
Sunday was truly the social event at Hearthwood. Just around 3:30, EVERYBODY stopped by. Oh, and Alice stopped by on Saturday (or Friday?) to get a Christmas tree, and Neil dropped by to show off his new wheels. Sweet Beemer bike.
So anyway, Robin Connell dropped by, followed shortly by Joel & Irene, The Klemms, Krissy AND Justin & Holly (and Emmy). It was great to see everyone:)
This week Jean (and Lucas) will move the dirt and berm up to the house. We’ll probably end up working an evening or two to prepare for our propane tank installation this Thursday.
This weekend we’ll be fixing the stairs, doing some framing corrections and moving the joists up into the house. Hopefully we’ll be able to start hanging the joists for the second floor by Saturday afternoon and do the whole shebang by Sunday evening!
We’ll need a bunch of folks to help with the joists (remember the first floor?) so if you can stop by, we’ll feed you and love you! See you ’round!

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  1. It looks great ! I follow each step of your house. I would like to help you.
    How is Lucas going?
    How are your parents? I will call them in some days (they look very busy since the house building and Lucas’s birth).
    Say Hello to Jean.

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