ALmost to the Second Floor!

Today my mother and I framed out a bedroom closet, linen closet, and filled in header material for several doorways already constructed.

We’ve made enormous progress in the past two months! We now have a fully-shingled roof, courtesy of Ken and Susan, and almost every bit of framing done on the first floor.

We now have a washer, dryer, and dishwasher as well, just waiting for the right moment to jump into service for us…

You can now see our kitchen beginning to form:)

And here you can see a skylight on the outside of the house

And here the view from the inside:

We’ll be putting up our front porch next weekend:) See you all ’round.

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  1. I see that blasted window screen is still sitting on the scaffolding. Stupid screen. Why must you mock me?!?!? Well, rest assured, little screen, I will get you in. Mark my words!

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