Another day of Plenty

We’ve really not had the energy to think about anything but eating, sleeping and Lucas these days, but you all just won’t let us forget that we have a house to build!
I didn’t take time to mention yet, but Noah, Lauren, Molly and Will came out to help last weekend (or the one before? Too many days blending in to one another…) I sure wish Molly could have stayed longer to help swing her hammer:) Noah helped out the whole day on Saturday with Tyvek and framing.

Chris Ermatinger also helped out a lot. He basically thought out the whole framing process for the first floor while I stood there, zombie-like, and cut boards on demand. I can’t express my thanks well enough.
Today we had another productive day, with lots of family help. Ken and Susan basically finished the roof today, though one of the skylights doesn’t fit, being an inch too small. We’ll have to send it back to Oregon Dome and get a replacement, which we’ll put it. They’re not hard at all to install.
My dad and Bob came out early to help with the framing, and we were soon joined by Giselle and Krissy, who helped secure lag bolts and correct more of our floor warping.
Marsha and Josh also came out to help and as a team they were quite the framing team. With their help, we framed the entire first floor today!
Unfortunately, Bob shot himself in the finger with a nail gun (only a flesh wound!) and had to go home early. He’s doing fine, but has to hold his hand up to keep the swelling down.
Uncle Bob and Aunt Marlyn also came out today to check up on our progress. Who am I kidding? They came out to see Lucas:)
My Mom and Kathy also came out, bringing us hamburgers and foodies, which I prepared for lunch. They helped out by putting the last of the tyvek on the outside of the house, on the dormer faces.
The last part of the day was Jean, Krissy and myself putting up the dormer windows. Now, save the sliding glass door and single skylight, the entire house is weather tight!
We’ll put in the door after we finish the framing inside and have brought up the jacuzzi and other major appliances from the basement in the tractor bucket. The best way to move appliances:)
See you all ’round.