More windows and doors

Today Bob and I got to the site and met our roofer, Ken Trudeau, Josh Kinkade’s father-in-law. He and his wife started in earnest today and are great people.
At around 10, I picked up Jean and Lucas from the hospital (we’re a family!) and dropped them off at the Phillipsons. With a great reluctance, I returned to the site and continued to help Bob (and now my dad and Krissy) install the front door (Bob had pretty much already done this), a double window, and some more tyvek.

Krissy and I reset the basement window that had stuck a little bit, and she pulled EVERY ONE of the roofing nails we put in. A big job. She also helped organize and clean (sometimes I love anally-clean people) to make the site much more conducive to work.
Dad helped Ken and Susan get their materials up on their scaffolding with the tractor.
Tomorrow we will probably do some siding, and perhaps start on interior framing.
I went to home depot tonight after dinner to get some stuff. There was a lunar eclipse, which was brilliant! See you all ’round.