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  1. Hello and congratulations, Jean and Ed. Lucas is a beautiful baby! It was great to see you on November 5th, Jean, and it sounds like things must have moved very quickly after your visit to TNC. November 6th is also my younger brother’s birthday – I think it’s a great day to have a birthday! The house looks wonderful too. I’m thinking about you and hope you are enjoying being new parents! Best wishes – Heather

  2. I feel bad that I haven’t come to see Lucas, my very first nephew!! I think I’m putting it off like one puts off opening the biggest gift under the xmas tree – to prolong the joy! But I can’t stand it anymore- I’m coming by today for a visit.

  3. Wish we could be there to greet our one and only great grandchild. He looks like I would love to hold him. Babies are so sweet. I dug out the baby pictures of Ed and am drooling over them again, along with pictures of Lucas. Jack is just grinning. Love, GG Betty and GG Jack

  4. Congratulations Jean and Ed! What a good-lookin’ baby!
    Sorry to say we can’t come help out tomorrow. (I wish we could–because then we’d be there on the first AND last day, and it might all blur together and in 20 years you might think we were there the whole time. 😉
    – n and n

  5. All these babies! So beautiful! I’m so happy for you both. Jean, so your finally going to be able to put those breast to use. Ed, always remember when your kid starts crying you can say to jean “Quiet!, put a tit in that kids mouth.” next thing you know peace and quiet, and divorce papers on the table. 🙂 If you need help just call me. 5712516387 I love you both!

  6. Congratulations you guys! I wish you lots of love and all the best for your new baby and your new home.

  7. Congrats, guys! Let us know if there is anything you need. Can’t wait to meet the little guy…and will have the jog stroller in tow, if you still need it. Lauren

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