Windows & Doors

Since the Dome Raising, we’ve been making decent progress on a few things for the dome. Jean took delivery of the shingles, a 30-year dark green type. Our roofer is driving from Oregon today and should be here by Thursday.
This weekend we began installing the windows and doors in the dome. Saturday, Josh and Jake came out to help, as well as Kathy and Bob, and Krissy.

We powered through every window in the basement and even put in our back door! One of the window openings turned out to be too wide and too short, so we’re returning that window and getting another that fits.
In fact, most of the openings in the basement had to be shimmed with a couple 2×4’s or so, but we were able to work around them.
Krissy helped in a big way, putting in the door and bring in the windows too.
My best friend, Dave Fulcher is in town and we hung out after a full family dinner last night. Good friend time much needed:)
This morning, Jean and I headed out to Home Depot to pick up a lock set and some more Tyvek tape.
Mom, Dad, Bill, Marsha, and Bill’s kids Jessica and Zack came out to help in the morning. Dad had the good idea to put a couple scaffolding levels outside for the windows on the second story. We were able to get the first of the huge three-window units in and set.
In the afternoon, Mom and Dad continued to help us and we got the second of the three window units up, and a second smaller window. Unfortunately, I pushed too hard on the center window and broke it, so we’ll have to replace that one this week.

We didn’t quite have enough daylight to put in the front door or any other windows, but we did manage to drape the dome in plastic, covering 2 of 3 skylights. It’s supposed to rain this week and we don’t need any more floor warpage. We’ve had a few spots in the second 1/2 layer of plywood that warped up because of rainfall this past week. We’ll need to score and screw them back down…
This week we really expect Lucas to come. So between all the stuff happening with our dome and him, life should be pretty interesting. Stay tuned!

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  1. Wow! Justin alerted me… Congratulations! A son about to come and your house is on its way! I’m excited for you, best wishes with everything!

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