Subfloor complete, Dome Raising Imminent

Yesterday and today, Robert, Bob, Dad and I worked tirelessly to finish the first and second layers of plywood for the subfloor.
Yesterday Robert and I got a decent start out in the morning, and had made decent headway by lunch. Lunch was chinese food courtesy of Jean – extremely welcome on that cold and windy day. It never got above 55 degrees or so, and was much colder with the clouds and wind chill. Brrrr.
The afternoon brough a little more sun and Bob came out to help us glue and screw (ha ha – a rhyme) the plywood down. By the end of the day, we had two rows of the 1/2 inch stuff down.

This morning it was so cold, we had a layer of frost on everything. Note the sheen on the plywood here.

Robert and I started off the day and Bob showed up soon thereafter to help us power through the day and get ALL the subfloor! Jean brought us Wendy’s for lunch again, and I swatted away yellow jackets from me and my food like the panicky fellow I am around those things.

Often we consulted Robert’s monolith, a good-sized stone he plucked from the creek bed and deposited upon our major dirt pile (the vantage from which most of the dome photos are taken).

Mom brought over the leaf blower and cleared out the parking area, and then Robert used it to blow all the leaves and dust from our basement. Check out the cool effect below…

We finished out the day by marking the center point again, from the corners, or as near a center point as we could get. We also cleared up the site and put the scaffolding up on top of the first floor.
Oh! And after that, we picked up one of our woodstoves, our compactor, our “dispos-all”, and our microwave/convection oven from our consumer club.

See you all tomorrow!
**One last note. I am SO captivated by this, yes this whole “dome raising and baby coming” atmosphere so intoxicating that I COMPLETELY FORGOT about Apple’s Mac OS X 10.3 (“Panther”) release party tonight. I was going to go to Apple Clarendon and celebrate. I know, I’m a geek.

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