Well, Well, Well…

That’s right. A well. Yesterday morning, Groundwater Inc. called Jean to say they were coming out to the site. She went out to meet them, supposing they were sending a crew to spec out the site and see what needed to be cleared.
Imagine her surprise when the well drilling rig showed up! Robert cleared the necessary area with the back-hoe and they began drilling! They should finish up today, and our health dept. inspector will be there to witness the “grouting of the well,” whatever that is.

Jean and Robert were also able to pick up the 3/4″ plywood from Bull Run Supply, which will be the first layer of our sub floor.
We’ve also been talking with our roofer, Josh Kincaid, who (or his father-in-law) will be out next Tuesday, following dome-rasing, to begin work! Jean’s ordered a nice 30-year shingle with supplies.
I’m taking Wednesday-Friday off this week in preparation for the dome raising, so prepare for more entries!
On a side note, Lucas has begun dropping. We’re hoping he holds out for after the dome raising to come. Cross your fingers!

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