Floor joists in; We’re almost at dome raising!

I can’t believe it. We have all of our basement framing done and most of our floor joists in.
On this recent crisp fall Saturday morning, Jean’s brother Robert was singing “Tainted Love” while sawing 2×6 studs for our basement.
By the time 9 o’clock rolled around, Mom, Dad, Josh, Justin, Chris, John, and a load of other people throughout the day showed up.

Kate and Aileen made sandwiches for lunch – much appreciated!
On Saturday we finished out all the basement framing, straightening out a couple of walls and nailing down all the top plates for the exterior walls.
Chris was INVALUABLE as a foreman that day. He’s had past professional experience doing construction and rough framing.
Sunday we were out at 8am, and began to form a plan on cutting the band boards and LVLs, which form the end caps for the floor joists.

The paralam joists were enormous! Plus, they were extremely hard for nailing joist hangers to them.
Chris was an enormous help again that day – we couldn’t have gotten that done without him. Again, we had an enormous turnout of friends and family helping us, including Maralyn and Uncle Bob and Meghan too!

We really got into a groove after lunch (which was KFC from my mother – Thanks Mom!!!), Chris and I working on one side of the paralam measuring joists, and Dad, Robert, Josh and Justin on the other side doing the same thing.
All these measurements went to Bob, who was cutting perfect bevels on our joists, with Uncle Bob, Maralyn, Marsha and Josh hoisted the joists up to us after the cuts.
In the afternoon, Kate, Aileen and Zander came out to the site and Robert helped Zander move some dirt with Mike’s Machine (the backhoe)

We almost finished all the joists, quitting only because we ran out of nails and daylight. This week Robert (who is in town, taking time from his own schedule JUST to help us work on the dome. We are insanely grateful.) will help us finish the floor joists and subfloor.
And this next weekend: DOME RAISING!!!! We hope as many of you will come out then as this weekend. We’ll have food both days and more than enough for people to do. Hope to see you there!

(video from this weekend will be up by Wednesday evening…)

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  1. I think invaluable is a rather strong word for my small part. We shot through lumber, plans, and the daylight because the group worked as a well oiled machine, one of the most fun groups I have worked with. I loved swinging a hammer again and now remember just how much I miss it. Thanks for the lunch and enormously fun weekend, and the mints for Michelle! On to the DOME!

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