From the mouth o’ Jeano: “Sunday morning Marsha and Josh came out again, and Krissy came out to help, too. Marsha and Josh shared the miserable job of screwing in the bolts that bolted the walls to the base plate. It was a slow going loud process with the compressor running the drill. My shoulders ache for them, being hunched over a power drill for hours. (shudder)

We also ran into a snag because the top plates for the outside walls just seemed too small. We’ll call Oregon Dome today and see if we can figure out what the problem was. Krissy, Ed and I worked on putting together the first wall. Due to a stop at Clifton Day, and other unforeseen hang-ups like going to see if the cat that was on a “found” poster we saw in Clifton was our missing cat, Toulouse, one wall was all we got done. It wasn’t Toolie. Not quite the progress I had hoped for, but there is still hope.”

**The video from yesterday is also up now.
The short video