Footings Poured!!!!

So we’re having breakfast at 7:20 this morning when we get a call. It’s HandyMan Concrete and they already have a truck on site!
We sped off, coffee and tea in hand, and began our day at Hearthwood. Our first driver, Emir, was a nice fellow and a good judge of how wet the mix needed to be. He dumped our first five yards of concrete and we were on to the next truck.

At the same time, Bo, our plumber, set in the exterior drain pipe – just in the nick of time:)
It was a speedy process, and we made quick progress, as you can see in the video if you take a gander.
25 yards and one and a half hours later, we had almost as much as we needed.

My dad, convinced he could save a buck, had it set in his head he could do the last couple yards, so we left he and my mom to it. To their credit, it only took them three hours and they did an excellent job. Now we’re ready to prepare the slab!

Click on the image below to see the video of the experience!