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Mordoor Issues Injunction Against Shire

Posted by on 1 December, 2002

We officially received the latest county rejection letter this past week (A turn-around time of just four and a half months). Same old logic, same old innane argument. We’ve scheduled three minutes for each of us: myself, Jean and our neighbor, so as to be able to present the entire situation in an organized manner. Wish us luck on the 9th!

Our attempt at getting some written confirmation of a rescue boat and access to a helicopter was met with bureacratic backpedaling from the Fire and Rescue Chief for Fairfax County. At first we tried skimming the surface and eventually had to explain it in depth, all the while reiterating we didn’t want them to be involved in our situation, only to affirm the boat and helicopter thing. The Chief didn’t recognize that at all, only kept saying he didn’t know why they are blocking us and doesn’t know the extent ofthe situation…

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